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Casting materials

Plaster enriched in resin which has the peculiarity of making highly resistant prints of your dental castings. The use of protective gloves is recommended...
Z-Dupe Silicone is an addition-vulcanizing duplication silicone in different shore-A hardness and colors: 15 Sh-A light blue, 20 Sh-A orange, 28 Sh-A green. Z-Dupe distinguishes by a superior reproduction of details, constancy of shape and long shelf life. Due to its platinum hardener system the..
Rubber molds used for dental masters. Place the plaster teeth flush with the mold and then cast the dental plaster into the soleplate. Wait for complete set before removing. Reusable.Available in small or large...
Available in size 3 or 4, it can contain a little more alginate than the aluminum version and is more flexible. The size is written on the sleeve. Easy to sterilize...
Available from size 1 to 6, the imprint holder for the upper teeth has a palate while that for the lower teeth does not. The size is written on the handle. Easy to sterilize...
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