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Skin prep and fixers

Ben Nye final seal
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Brand: Ben Nye
Ben Nye Final Seal is a delightfully fresh minty sealer that can be sprayed over any makeup to make it smudge/water resistent. A great option for heavy sweaters, this can even be used as a primer to help makeup last longer!..
BLUE MARBLE SeLr SPRAY is a water based alternative to the tougher  Green Marble SeLr Spray and is an excellent sealer for those with more sensitive skin or those who have negative reactions to alcohol based products.  BLUE MARBLE SeLr SPRAY seals anything from street makeup ..
Matt Sealer can be used for a number of effects including protecting tattoo transfers and reducing the tack of "bondo" materials or silicone prosthetics. Can be diluted for airbrush use. *Available in 50ml..
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DRY is a spray designed to minimize sweating under the prostheses and maximize the make-up. Used to degrease the skin before application of the prosthesis or make-up. Let dry. Can be used safely on the face and neck.Make-up removal: TELESIS SUPER SOLV or TELESIS MAKEUP REMOVERProfessional use onlyKe..
HiDef Matting Spray is a water based film forming mist specially developed as a makeup sealing or setting spray with a truly matte finish. Unlike some other makeup setting sprays, this formula leaves a beautiful matte texture that is undetectable and does not leave any kind of sheen to the makeu..
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