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Removers and thinners

Brand: Ben Nye
Quickly and thoroughly removes Spirit Gum, Prosthetic Adhesive and similar adhesive residues from skin and appliances. Follow with Hydra Cleanse or soap and water. Precaution: Ben Nye Bond Off! is Flammable...
Gentle cleanser to remove the GLAZING GEL from the skin.Professional use onlyKeep out of reach of children..
Liquid 99% alcohol used as a cleaner of surfaces, brushes and tools but also for the dilution of the make-up with alcohol and the degreasing of the skin before application of prostheses or make-up.Caution: highly flammable product. Strong vapors. Use in a ventilated place.Professional use onlyKeep o..
Isopropyl Myristate is a synthetic oil that is very soft to the skin.Professional use onlyKeep out of reach of children..
Neill’s Remover Plus is as easy and smooth on the skin as the original Neill’s Remover but with greater potency. Neill’s Remover Plus is better at shifting stubborn prosthetics such as bondo transfers and PAX Paints...
Slow activator
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Made with a similar proprietary blend of ethanol and isporopanol to our regular Activator,  Slow Activator allows an artist more time to work when applying Illustrator colors.  Initially designed for the Hair Illustrator palettes, Slow Activator is also excellent for use with the&..
Telesis beta solv
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This high solvency formulation is remarkably effective in removing Beta Bond, Beta bond Plus and Beta Bond  Pax type paints from the skin and appliances. It is odorless, non oily, not harmful to materials and may be thinned with water...
It is the gel version of the IPA, odorless, does not flow can be used instead of the IPA for alcohol makeup.Professional use onlyKeep out of reach of children..
TELESIS SILICONE REMOVER is an incredibly fast-acting solvent, designed to remove Telesis 8 Silicone adhesives.  This new odorless, non-oily formula contains vitamins D, E  and Aloe Vera and will not damage silicone or latex appliances or lace pieces.  Most importantly, it is..
This advanced SUPER SOLV formula is specifically designed for use on sensitive skin. SUPER SOLV PLUS contains Vitamins D & E, and special silicones that help to condition and moisturize the skin while removing make-up and adhesives with the same cutting strength as the original&nbs..
SUPER SOLV - Our strongest and most popular adhesive and prosthetic remover.  Hydrocarbon based, mildly scented, SUPER SOLV provides rapid removal of adhesives and prosthetics without damage to appliances and latex foam. Excellent for use on delicate lace wigs and skin. Non-oily a..
It is a solvent for adhesive to hairpiece. Separates the adhesive from the tulle safely. On for skin, non-irritating.Professional use onlyKeep out of reach of children..
Thinner for gelatin. Allows to dilute the gelatin before casting in a mold or to melt the edges of the prosthesis when placed.Professional use onlyKeep out of reach of children..
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