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Dyes and additives

The colors, in order, are:-dark flesh-black-green-blue-brown-light blue-light flesh-pink-red-white-wine-yellowThe flocking is composed of very fine colored filament used generally in the textile industry, on a glue to create a soft and raised pattern. In fact, the flocking mixes with the transparent..
Brand: MouldLife
Mouldlife Polyurethane Pigments are great for adding colour to Polyurethane products. They are highly concentrated and a drop of pigment goes a long way, making these pigments economical to use...
Used to thicken molds and screeds made of rubber and polyurethane plastics. It transforms the rubber molds into a system that can be used with a brush, more or less thick depending on the type of molding. Polyfiber dramatically reduces molds and screeds while reinforcing them.Packaging: 1L/5L...
In particular, colloidal silica is used to thicken glues that are too liquid, to make them creamy, especially for making eyebrow covers, and in any work requiring the partial isolation of the hair, by mixing it with hair styling gel. The final texture resembles skin...
Not brilliant. Talc is mainly used for removing prostheses from your dentures, but also for powdering dentures in direct manufacture. For use with a brush or trowel...
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