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Eject-it petrolease
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Vaseline in aerosol to facilitate the release of latex. The EJECT IT PETROLEASE is on the medical and food level. Its formula is silicone-free...
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Brand: MouldLife
Aerosol wax to facilitate the removal of your special effects work...
Brand: PS Composites
A spray that is used for spraying into fibre-glass before pouring addition silicones. It forms a barrier to stop the inhibition of the silicone.Can also be used to seal wet-clay sculptures to prevent moisture inhibiting the moulding material.  ..
The SEPARATING FLUID is a gypsum / resin insulation that ensures the smooth surface of pothesis. Used between plaster and resin or between two plasters.Packaging: 120ml..
Surface Breaker est un produit multi-usages poiur les mouleurs. Il a été conçu pour apporter une solution efficace à la formation des bulles sur des tirages en plâtre. Il s'utilise dans des moules en silicone, plâtre & Alginate en tant que démoulant et donc "débulant". Il s'utilise également com..
Ultralease Epoxy Parfilm
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Epoxy Parfilm is recommended for epoxy resins. Its highly effective, micro-thin, film-forming application offers a better release than polyvinyl alcohol or wax. Its micro-thin film maintains the fidelity of the cast piece and affords better surface reproduction and finish. Heat stable to 635..
Vaseline is a petroleum distillate. It is fluid at room temperature. It helps to protect the hairs and eyelashes when taking impressions but also to lubricate the working surfaces or some molds to facilitate demoulding...
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